African American History Challenge

African-Americans have contributed significantly in countless and diverse ways to the social, political, spiritual, and economic growth of the United States.  It is important for our youth to know this history for they are standing on the shoulders of great men and women who helped to change the fabric of America.  How can they understand present-day challenges and create solutions and carve pathways for the future if they don’t know the perils and progress of the past?  So, our global network of 100 Black Men Chapters are taking the lead in teaching our children about the past through our African American History Challenge (AAHC) program.

100 Black Men of Central Illinois

AAHC - 100 Black Men of Central IllinoisThe 100 Black Men of America, Inc. implemented the AAHC as an innovative, relevant and exciting way for youth to learn about the trials and triumphs of the ancestors.  Knowledge is indeed power!  Our students learn for themselves the facts about the roles and contributions of their ancestors to the building and growth of America.  Our 100 Black Men mentors, volunteers and stakeholders in our global Chapter network are helping to develop the next generation of critical and global thinkers. The AAHC is just one way our Chapters use friendly competition to promote the love of history and help our youth link the relevancy of that knowledge to the current trends and events of today.  Through this AAHC vehicle, our youth not only gain knowledge, but they change their assumptions about racism, slavery, education, equity, and opportunity in the United States.  Scholarship awards are also provided to the top finishers!


For the last five years, the 100 Black Men of Central Illinois has worked with the local Bloomington/Normal high schools to showcase the talent the schools are producing – by giving students an opportunity to compete against their peers in the national 100 Black Men of America’s African American History Challenge.  Here’s the history of our involvement in holding a local competition and taking students to the national competition:


Year    Local Competition   National Competition   # of Students     Nationals Outcome
2009 BHS New York City 3 Second Round
2010 NCWHS Fort Lauderdale 3 Second Round
2011   San Francisco 2 Second Round
2012 BHS Atlanta 2 Second Round
2013   New Orleans 2 First Round


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